Obelisco Advisers specializes in working with US base, Latin American, European and Asia Corporations and Individuals in order to provide solutions within Banking, Lending, Real Estate and Import & Export. With over 20 year of experience in Corporate America and several partnerships in the US and around the world, Obelisco Advisers offers a one stop shop for individuals and corporations in key areas of their business needs.



 Reconquista 336, 1er Piso CABA    

CP 1003 Argentina

Ph: +54-911-6884-7994

1200 Brickell Avenue, Suite 1950

Miami, Florida 33131

Ph: 704-915-2630

Pedro Zurita Oe2-130 

Quito, Ecuador 170908

Ph: +1-305-690-2210

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  • Opening of Personal and Business Bank Accounts Remotely  

  • Company Incorporation in the US

  • Register Agent in the US

  • Business Address in the US

  • Application for Tax Identification Number from the IRS 

  • Full service of Cash Manager Online for Businesses to enable worldwide wire transfers through our banking partners 

  • Correspondent Banking Services 

  • Merchant Services 

  • Residential ARM, 15, 30 Year Mortgages - No Income Doc

  • Residential Investor Mortgages - No Income Doc

  • Foreign Nationals 

  • Business Loans - All sizes 

  • Commercial Loans

  • Construction Loans 

  • Construction Financing  

  • Portfolio Loans 

  • Investment Financing 

  • Bridge/Mezzanine Loans 

  • Private Loans 

  • Hard Money Loans

  • Yacht and Aircraft Loans

  • Capital Raising 

  • Real Estate Market Analysis 

  • Access to MLS (Multiple Listing System) of Properties 

  • Residential 

  • Commercial 

  • Industrial 

  • New Development 

  • Home Improvement 

  • Property Staging

  • Property Management 

  • Title Company 

  • Real Estate Closing Attorneys

  • Rentals

  • Export of Vehicles, Motorcycles, machinery and equipment from the US

  • International Shipping/Customs clearance 

  • Advisory services in custom procedures for Import and Export FROM and TO the US

  • Warehousing in Miami, Quito and Buenos Aires 

  • Purchase and shipment of accessories for vehicles and motorcycles 

  • Package Forwarding Services 

  • Advisory Services in FDA procedures